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Drink Features

"The Blue Meanie"

Gin + Fresh Blueberries + Basil + Cucumber + Lime Juice + Simple Syrup


Can Feature

Guinness Draught Can    $5

Bud Light Seltzer Assorted     $5

Toppling Goliath Pompeii     $6

Melvin Hubert     $5

Mango Oberon $5

Sun King GFJ (Grapefruit Jungle) $5

Toppling Goliath Supa Sumo $7

Melvin 2 x 4     $7

Melvin Boom Shakazacca     $5

Ransack The Universe     $5

 *Tuesday Sili Pint Night ( See Server)

*Thursday: All Concoctions     $8

*Growler fill available (See Server)


If you see something you like on our tap list and want to take some beer home, we have empty growlers available or bring your own and we'll be happy to fill it!

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